China Bitumen and Road Conference 2024

03-05 September, 2024, Xi'an

China bitumen and Road conference

What is CBRC 2024?

Where The Bitumen and Road Experts Meet

CBRC 2024 is a conference designed to facilitate networking and collaboration within the international road construction sector. The event aims to connect key players, including representatives from core ministries, road administrations, road associations, manufacturers of road construction equipment and materials, bitumen and PMB suppliers, asphalt and concrete producers, and various other stakeholders.
The conference serves as a platform for participants to address common challenges, find solutions to pressing issues, and discuss matters of mutual interest. It brings together experts from diverse areas such as road construction, maintenance equipment manufacturing, bitumen and road additives production, as well as representatives from research institutes and trade companies.
With the tagline "Where the Bitumen and Road Experts Meet," CBRC 2024 emphasizes its role as a gathering point for professionals in the bitumen and road industry. The focus is on fostering connections, sharing knowledge, and collectively addressing the current issues in the field.

Who's Speaking?

Prof. Gao Yanbei

Prof. Gao Yanbei

Secretary of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Chang 'an University

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Conference Venue

CBRC 2024 will be held at The Jin Jiang International Hotel Xi'an